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 Organic Cold-Pressed Juice | Raw | No Additives | Bottled in Glass 


For a limited time, with every purchase of a cleanse, you will receive a FREE personal 1 on 1 training session with an Innovative Fitness Training Coach ( Kitsilano). Step Up, and book your challenge today!   

1 Day Cleanse Package Includes ($70):
  • 1 on 1 training session with an Innovative Fitness Training Coach ($99 Value)*
  • A Refundable $6.00 bottle deposit** 
  • A Refundable $4.00 insulated bag deposit**
3 Day Cleanse Package Includes ($210): 
  • Three 1 on 1 training session with an  Innovative Fitness Training Coach ($297 Value)*
  • A Refundable $18.00 bottle deposit**  
  • A Refundable $12.00 insulated bag deposit**

Even though your body is a remarkable machine that is self-sufficient and is capable of naturally detoxification, it can still become overwhelmed because of our hectic lifestyles! Your body works hard for you every day, now it’s your time to treat it right.

Reboot, Recharge & Replenish your body with a massive dose of nutrients & vitamins from our specially designed Restorative Cleanse Program. A juice fast or what we like to call a juice feast is an amazing way for you to get rid of all of the accumulated toxins and waste in your body. Expect to emerge energized, excited and ready to embark on the lifelong project of feeling your best every day.

Every drop of our delicious organic cold pressed juices and hand made nut mylks that we include in our cleanses has been designed with a purpose, sit back, relax and let our juices do their work.

    At Revel, our goal is to minimize our eco-footprint! In order to help us achieve that goal, please re-use your glass bottles & insulated bags or Recycle & Save!

        * FREE Session is for NEW Innovative Fitness Kitsilano Members

        ** Bottle & Bag Refunds will be reimbursed if returned to our Revel Bar. For bottles please ensure that they are rinsed thoroughly with water or we will not be able to accept them.

        DISCLAIMER: Revel Juice is NOT a medical doctor, and we do NOT practice medicine; our cold-pressed juices and Reboot Programs are NOT medicinal solutions; any/all information from Revel Juice and its staff shall NOT be interpreted as medical advice.

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