About Us

Who is Revel?

Revel Juice was born as a result of a simple mission, to inspire people to live a healthier life by offering a delicious way to integrate plant based eating into everyone’s busy lives. Because of our hectic lifestyles we normally compromise on eating healthy food, which leads to a shortage of crucial wholesome, disease-fighting fruits and vegetables in our diet.

Our cold pressed juice and nut mylk line was designed in collaboration with Chef Darren Brown and Registered Dietitian Nicole Fetterly to ensure that each beverage not only tastes fresh and delicious but provides a unique set of health benefits for your body. All of our juices are organic and we never compromise our products with pasteurization, high pressure processing (HPP), preservatives, additives or plastic bottles.

Why we are here?

We are lifelong friends at Revel Juice, from diverse backgrounds with demanding lives and a common goal for a healthier lifestyle! Revel's vision is to find a way to make healthy consumption simple, accessible, delicious, and most importantly fun.

Our love for food, coupled with our passion for a healthier sustainable lifestyle has led us on a journey to better ourselves while "reveling" in every step of the process! Now we want to help others like us to the same!

We strongly believe that there is no reason that eating healthy should not be fun! Come and join the Revel-ution!

Revel Chef, D. Brown


“I knew this was going to be a great thing to be a part of from the moment I met the team behind Revel- they were so excited and passionate about what they wanted to do that it was impossible not to get caught up in it… it was apparent to me even before it got off the ground that this concept was going to see success. As long as I could come up with juice recipes that tasted as good as they were going to look. It got even more interesting when Nicole Fetterly, a licensed dietitian, came aboard the team and we started out on a very interesting path, wherein she would give us information on what great health benefits we could capitalize on from which ingredients, and so our recipes actually began from a nutrient basis even before we got to the flavour profiles, which is a very unique approach, to say the least. On top of that, with Nicole’s guidance, we were even forming the recipes according to strict guidelines for the sugar content and nutrient levels to keep them as healthy as possible. It was a really cool and amazing process, and at the end I think all the juices and nut mylks not only met and exceeded all of our expectations but after months and months of tasting and assessing and tweaking, I think we came away with a bit of all the team’s personalities in the flavours in each bottle…”

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Revel Registered Dietitian, Nicole Fetterly 

"I’m a Registered Dietitian in beautiful Vancouver with a focus on sustainable food and plant-based
nutrition to keep the planet and its people prospering. Working on the Revel team has been an eye-opening (and mouth-opening!) experience—never would I have tried straight arugula, celery or yellow pepper juice. And wow, are they ever colourful and delicious.

It was important to me while designing the drinks to optimize nutrition in every bottle by minimizing sugars and boosting key nutrients, like calcium and iron, that are often lacking in the North American diet. We were also clear in our intent with the cleanses that no one be nutritionally compromised by trying one. By ensuring the body is not going in to a state of deprivation, it means it can focus on assimilating all of the wonderful phytonutrients from the drinks and promote healing and regeneration.

I was especially excited to make true nut mylks more accessible to people. The stuff you buy in a carton just doesn’t compare—it’s basically cloudy, flavoured water fortified with vitamins and minerals and held together with chemical binders and gums. True nut mylks have all of the beneficial fats, protein and fibre from the nuts and seeds to fill you up and satisfy you longer with nothing added that you wouldn’t have in your home kitchen.

If you have further questions about how the drinks were created or any other nutrition issue, don’t
hesitate to reach out to me at http://www.vancouverdietitian.com/."