Cashew Bliss

Cashew Bliss

Stress Reliever, Skin Health, Anti-Inflammatory

Think of me as your very own spa in a bottle!

I am blissfully unique with cashew, saffron, carrot, coconut water and avocado that make me both delicious and nutritionally potent.

The saffron in me relieves stress & promotes tranquillity while the avocado helps you absorb vitamin A from my carrots to help your skin glow! I’m also packed with potassium, magnesium and essential fats that are anti-inflammatory and help rejuvenate your skin

Ingredients: Cashew, Coconut Water, Date, Banana, Avocado, Hemp Seed, Carrot, Maple Syrup, Lime, Saffron, Cinnamon

Keep Refrigerated, Shake Before You Drink, Shelf Life 3 Days